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Why Kids Should Participate In Sports

Kids Need Sports

Don't miss out and get your son registered for the 2023 football season

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2022 PAL Champions

2022 8th Grade PAL Champions

2022 8th Grade PAL Champions

7th Grade PAL Champions

2022 7th Grade PAL Champions

Creighton Prep Little Jays Football

We are the Creighton Prep Little Jays. We are committed to providing a positive atmosphere of instruction for the development of young athletes through the game of football. We emphasize safety, teamwork, respect, and improvement.


Tackle Football

Led by a dedicated group of experienced coaches who understand the game of football and appreciate the opportunity to teach it to athletes ages 11-14.


Flag Football

A well organized league that offers flag football to atheletes ages 8-12.


Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us at

 Go Little Jays!

Norm Holthe

Creighton Prep Little Jays

Phone: 4026776156